The Journal on last night’s Forsyth County commissioners’ meeting:

After five votes, four recesses and nearly two hours of political theater, the four Republicans on the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners agreed last night to have the same chairwoman that they have had for the past two years, re-electing Gloria Whisenhunt.

Her election, 4-3 on the sixth vote, came after Debra Conrad-Shrader, the vice chairwoman, changed her vote for the second time and supported Whisenhunt.

Conrad-Shrader also had wanted to be the chairwoman, and it was her votes that led to the deadlock that the seven commissioners spent their evening trying to resolve….Conrad-Shrader said she voted for Whisenhunt after getting agreements from her fellow Republicans to keep her as vice chairwoman and to appoint her, instead of Whisenhunt, to the board of Winston-Salem Business Inc.

That’s entertainment?