Shawn Fleetwood of the Federalist advocates cutting taxpayer funding for the federal government’s leading health agency.

Following years of bureaucratic malfeasance in the name of science, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its Covid guidelines on Thursday to now recommend and acknowledge long overdue truths regarding transmission of the respiratory virus and Covid vaccines.

Among the new provisions included in the guidelines are recommendations to largely end mass asymptomatic testing of individuals with no known exposure to the virus, as well as calls for those “exposed to COVID-19” to wear a “mask for 10 days and get tested on day 5” rather than quarantine.

Most noteworthy in the CDC’s new guidelines, however, is the tacit admission by the agency that any individual, regardless of vaccination status, can still get and spread Covid.

“Reiterating that regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate from others when you have COVID-19,” the guidelines read. “You should also isolate if you are sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results.”

In other words, the health agency has essentially deemed all Covid testing and quarantine rules to be the same for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, an epidemiologist and professor at Stanford’s School of Medicine, took to Twitter to respond to the CDC’s new guidelines, saying that the ending of “mass asymptomatic testing is a big deal, though it comes a full 2 years too late.”

“If your child is going on a field trip and has no symptoms and is forced to test, make sure to let the authorities know that they are violating CDC guidelines,” he said. …

… The outright lie that the jabs were guaranteed to prevent people from getting infected with Covid was not just pushed by high-ranking CDC officials such as Director Rochelle Walensky as a means to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated. It was also used as justification by President Joe Biden to orchestrate a massive power grab by the federal government.