Zoe Callaway warns National Review Online readers about the potential impact of turning over the federal governments’ reins to Delaware Democrat Joe Biden.

At the Democratic National Convention, presidential hopeful Joe Biden told the audience, “This is a life-changing election. This will determine what America is going to look like for a long, long time.” Based on the status of his beloved Delaware, we should all be wary.

I’m a young Delawarean who didn’t get to experience life with duPont, General Motors, or the banking boom, but I come from a multi-generation family of Delawareans who remember when this was the place to be. In my 24 years here, I’ve seen enough to know that we don’t want the rest of America to resemble the current First State.

The first concern is bringing the “Delaware Way,” where political pals make sure each other’s bills are moved and help to hand-pick who will follow them in major political offices, to the national level. The Delaware Way may be cherry-picking successors based on friends and deals, but isn’t the friendly operation Biden makes it out to be. It is corrupt and exactly what is wrong with politics.

There is no hope left here. We grow up in a state that prides itself on being a place where everyone’s “mated, dated, or related,” but where jobs and dreams are no longer created. I grew up in a middle-class Delaware family and went to Biden’s alma mater, but I’ve never seen the Delaware Biden talks about—because it is long gone. Now that I work for a pro-business organization here, I am certain Biden’s Delaware and middle-class understanding are a façade.

Biden has positioned himself to be a voice for the middle class and the blue-collar worker despite being a career politician who does not understand that life.