Margot Cleveland of the Federalist explores Democrats’ interpretation of the word “democracy.”

Within a span of 24 hours, every sector of the American privileged class — from politics to punditry, from activism to academia — exposed their utter disdain for self-government.

The power-first reveal initially exploded on an Atlanta stage when in real time the country witnessed our commander-in-chief confirm through his cognitively impaired performance that he is not running our country and that a vote for Joe Biden will be tallied for some unnamed other.

All the talk about supposedly “saving democracy” means nothing: Joe Biden’s backers care not a whit about voters beyond whether they can manipulate the American people enough to retain power. 

For years, the evidence of President Biden’s serious cognitive decline was minimized and those raising questions ostracized. Even as proof of his current incompetence mounted, those pulling the strings pivoted to pushing a “cheap fake” narrative to paint the visual evidence as concocted.

For those Americans still relying on the propaganda press for their news, Thursday’s debate hit hard. Within minutes, Joe Biden’s incapacity was on full display for America … and her enemies. So obvious was the president’s impairment that even his most ardent advocates finally acknowledged Biden’s unfitness for office.

Yet those closest to the president — his cabinet, advisers, campaign staff, and Democrat-trusted members of the press — knew this reality for years. They were content to keep quiet so long as they could hide the truth from Americans: that they, not the commander-in-chief elected by voters, would run the country.

Pray tell, how is that defending “democracy”? We don’t even know who the “they” are to demand accountability.

Friday provided a hint, however, with former President Barack Obama publicly defending his former vice president, by framing Joe Biden’s senility as merely a “bad debate.”