Rep. Steve Scalise and Grover Norquist share with Washington Examiner readers concerns about Democrats’ future tax plans.

Thanks to Republican reforms like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Americans across this country are keeping more of their hard-earned dollars and business is booming. Just this month, America was named the world’s most competitive economy. Clearly, keeping taxes low and empowering Americans and businesses works.

But as we head into Election Day, Democrats have been united in their calls for new tax hikes. Not only do they hope to take more from your hard-earned paychecks, Democrats have long looked at energy taxes as a way to fund their big-government agenda.

Not only would this raise the cost of energy for families across this country, it would place an incredible burden on small businesses and kill jobs in the energy sector.

This summer, I, Rep. Steve Scalise, introduced a resolution calling on all members of Congress to stand against a job-killing carbon tax. Most Republican members of Congress voted for this resolution, saying they would never, ever, ever, vote for carbon tax. Democrats flat-out voted against this resolution either in a sign of their support for such a tax or to publicly leave the door open.

This vote highlighted the contrast between the two parties on energy taxes. While the official Democratic platform endorses a carbon tax, the official Republican platform states unequivocally, “We oppose any carbon tax.” Voters now know where their elected representatives stand on an energy tax that would raise the cost of gasoline, home heating and air conditioning, and everyday goods at the grocery store.