John Kass examines for the Chicago Tribune the political left’s reaction to the release of U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes’ controversial memo.

Democrats, the FBI and the Justice Department argued that the memo should not be made public, because it endangered national security. But after reading it, those claims appear to be nonsense. …

… Each side wants to convince Americans that they’re on the side of the angels. But if you look for angels in politics, you are apt to be driven mad.

And before the left pulls out one more strand of hair in anger, or makes one more banshee scream of outrage on cable news or in social media over “the memo,” I’d like them to at least have the decency to consider the following:

What if it came out that a Republican-funded opposition research dossier against presidential candidate Barack Obama was used to obtain a secret FISA warrant to put Obama’s aides under surveillance and take him down?

And what if the federal judge who granted the warrant wasn’t told that the partisan oppo-research was the basis of the surveillance warrant?

Or, what if senior FBI officials running the investigation of Obama had expressed loathing for the candidate and his voters?

What would the Democratic Media Complex be doing?

About the same thing they’re doing now, pulling out their hair and screaming like banshees, and wailing about institutional racism and the usual litany of complaints.

They’d shriek that the federal FISA judge was lied to by the Deep State to chop the legs from under a president and how the country is going to hell and the Constitution is being trampled.

What we’re looking at is politics.