Jason Beale offers Federalist readers a preview of congressional Democrats’ likely response to the Mueller report.

After two years of shamelessly and enthusiastically hyping the notion that the president of the United States is a compromised agent of the Russian Federation—a process that involved dozens upon dozens of anonymously sourced falsehoods, falsely interpreted statements, demonstrably false characterizations of classified evidence, and false predication for official sanction to spy on fellow citizens—those who perpetrated those acts will do everything in their power to avoid this unexpected and unwelcome introduction of truth into their narrative.

Under any circumstances other than those that include a collusive media, the Democratic politicians and former intelligence officials who perpetrated this hoax would be the laughingstock of the world.

There’s a reason beer companies pay millions for 30-second ads, and millions more to advertising companies to draw from a variety of well-studied human influence techniques to craft their commercials: it’s worth the money. It sells. The strategy is simple—just make sure the message and the logo are out there as often and consistently as possible, and the return will validate the investment.

The same applies to cable news networks and national newspapers staffed and managed by left-leaning Democrats. The constant barrage of reflexive leftist messaging and 24/7 cover, support, and venue for Democratic talking points is literally priceless, from an advertising perspective. …

… At some point on Thursday, Barr is going to release the redacted Mueller report to the public, and every Democrat in Congress is going to run to the nearest camera to declare the redacted information crucial to understanding Trump’s complicity in collusion and obstruction. There will be no acknowledgement of the direct quotes from the Mueller report reflecting what Barr put out in his summary, declaring no conspiracy or coordination.