Emmett Tyrrell writes for the American Spectator about Democrats’ continuing electoral complaints.

… [W]ith the exception of my good friend Bill Clinton, modern-day Democratic presidential candidates have been sore losers. The only exception to this rule is that of Barack Obama. He, it turns out, is a sore winner.

He won the presidency twice, and that ought to be enough for anyone. Now he can make millions of dollars on the lecture circuit, play golf to his heart’s content, and smoke cigarettes behind Michelle’s back. But since leaving the White House he has been grumping and grousing and acting as a pain in the neck to the army of professional writers whom he has employed to write his books, his speeches, and his letters to the editor. …

… At any rate very few Americans seem to be aware that the Democrats are such sore losers, but they are. After every presidential race the Democratic loser — and in Obama’s case the Democratic winner — is complaining that he or she has had the race stolen from him or her. In Hillary’s case it was stolen by an international cabal led by a real estate tycoon from Manhattan and his co-conspirator, Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Possibly they had help from Ukraine and from German Bankers. As the election of 2020 comes over the horizon, Hillary will doubtless dream up other fictions.

The bellyaching began 39 years ago when Jimmy Carter lost to a B-grade actor from Hollywood, California, named Ronald Reagan. Have you ever heard of Reagan?