Dave Scott writes for BizPac Review about the likely electoral impact of national Democrats’ current course.

At the rate the Democrat Party is currently going Republicans won’t have to campaign awfully hard to win both the House and Senate in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

The Democrats are doing all the work for them using the drowsy dormouse Joe Biden as their frontman.

After just five months the Biden administration is firing up a dormant silent majority of both Republicans and moderate Democrats that are arising like waves of cicadas after a multi-year snooze.

Nowhere in the world at any time have people been better off than citizens of the United States. A low-to-middle-class-income family in America enjoys a standard of living and access to consumer choices and luxuries that would be envied by the most wealthy as recently as the 19th century.

The Biden administration’s socialistic programs based on Marxist platforms that cause shortages, strangle income, hamper entrepreneurs, reward idleness and penalize success aren’t sitting well with the majority of Americans.

This new silent majority is fighting back against the woke extremists of this Taliban-like crowd. They’ve had enough of the vicious antisemitism spouted by people like deranged Michigan Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, echoed by her lunatic Democrat Congressional pals, and condoned by the aging old bird, Nancy Pelosi.

They want no part of attempts to pack the Supreme Court or creating two new states out of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. They reject the insanity that says an ID isn’t required to vote and legislating a federal takeover of election laws.

They want our southern border – that Biden opened wide to any and all comers – closed. Americans are ashamed that the country’s vice president, Kamala Harris, became an international laughing stock during her miserably disastrous trip to Central America. She embarrassed herself and the country when she was lectured by both the Mexican and Guatemalan presidents and cackled her way through press interviews unable to answer even the most anticipated questions.