Michael Goodwin of the New York Post explores Democrats’ approach to violent crime.

You can almost smell the sweat. The Democrats and their media handmaidens are starting to panic about Joe Biden’s prospects.

The proof comes in their efforts to wish away the wave of crime and violence engulfing many American cities. Their argument can be boiled down to two false claims. First, it’s President Trump’s fault. Second, it’s not that big of a wave.

The first is patently absurd on its face. Democratic mayors running nearly all those cities are pulling back cops and rejecting federal help. The blood is on their hands.

The second claim is outrageously cold-hearted. It means the left sees hundreds of murders, mostly of black men, and the wholesale destruction of property as small prices to pay for putting Biden in the White House.

And so they whistle as they pass the graveyards.

The GOP convention was surprisingly good in many ways, but especially effective in exploiting the huge mistake Dems made at their own virtual gathering. By failing to mention, much less condemn, the riots and arson growing out of the George Floyd protests and the subsequent surge in violent crimes, Biden practically invited Republicans to paint him as soft on crime and unwilling to stand up against the thugs.

Which is exactly what they did. Night after night, the GOP hammered Biden for ignoring the carnage. As Vice President Mike Pence put it, “you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” …

… Still, it was only when the polls started picking up signs that Trump was cutting into Biden’s lead that the Dems decided they had to respond.

Biden started addressing the violence in basement interviews. …

… He was timid out of fear; he would tear apart the fragile coalition he built if he called for a police crackdown. After all, much of his party, including the mayors in the burning cities, have embraced the anti-police activists.