Monica Showalter writes at American Thinker about congressional Democrats’ questionable strategy for impeaching President Trump.

As if Democrats didn’t screw the impeachment pooch for themselves earlier by having a House case so weak they had to ask the Senate to call their witnesses for them, and then presenting long, long, long-winded opening arguments that sent scores of Senate jurors fleeing the room, they have some hella bizarre logic in finishing out their case: Insult the jurors.

That’s some persuasion strategy.

It’s like they aren’t interested in winning, not even with that tiny number of weak Republican swing Senators they need to persuade, who were more insulted than anyone. …

… Memo to the Times: This is a trial, not a word contest. Democrats are presumably out to win it. The entire Senate impeachment trial is about changing the opinions of a few Republicans. The buried lede is that they just trashed their own case for impeachment by satisfying their urge to insult and offend Republicans, who happen to be the jurors. What’s it they say about emotional intelligence being the capacity to delay gratification a little longer for the big prize? The don’t have it.

That’s some strategy for winning.

And it’s not the first. A day earlier Jerry Nadler insulted the very swing Senators the Democrats need to get their witnesses and vote off the ground, stating that anyone who didn’t agree to impeach President Trump was engaging in a “cover-up” and was effectively treasonous.