Brandon Morse explains at why recent efforts to disqualify former President Donald Trump from the 2024 presidential race might end up helping him.

… [A] good deal of former President Donald Trump’s popularity is fueled by pure spite by the people whose lives have been damaged or made harder by the Biden administration’s destructive policies. 

His popularity has risen in part because the Democrats have made it very clear to the American people that they fear Trump, and if the people who’ve made your life miserable are telling you that they’re afraid of someone, you’re probably going to gravitate toward that figure and attempt to put him between yourself and them: 

My theory is that as Biden and the Democrats cause more suffering, they create a byproduct of spite which people will then use to select which opponent of the administration they’ll end up voting for. Combined with the fact that the entirety of the Democrat Party attack machine has been aimed at Trump, including endless media reports, a weaponized justice system, and a mugshot that gave Trump “outlaw” status, you can bet that the Democrats have effectively told people who the party is afraid of. 

This has caused the people to infuse Trump with even more support, causing him to only grow in influence despite never having appeared on a debate stage. …

… Keep in mind that the people who now support him aren’t all GOP voters. Many of them are Independents and former Democrats who feel Reagan’s old saying about not leaving the party but the party leaving him. 

Every single attack on Trump has only increased his power. Trump has yet to step on a debate stage this election season and he’s been the runaway choice for the GOP primary since the word “go.” If the Democrats had never mentioned Trump again after 2020, he wouldn’t be half as popular as he is now, but the Democrats couldn’t stop obsessing over him. 

And for some reason, Democrats never learned this lesson.