David Marcus of the Federalist explains that the woke mob is not content to limit its activity to targeted Republican political foes.

This week a viral video emerged of a woman being harangued by a large, mostly white, BLM crowd, screamed at, with people right in her face because she refused to raise her fist in the air in a sign of solidarity.

To call this shift from shaming politicians to shaming regular citizens predictable is a vast understatement. It was always the logical end of the road Waters was laying out. After all, if political disagreement is enough justification for screaming at a person in power, why not a person you suspect of help putting them there? In the case this week, which was one of many, the young woman was actually supportive of BLM, but her refusal to raise her fist was sufficient to make her a target.

This deeply insidious behavior is the result of a Democratic Party and corporate media that doesn’t simply disagree with Trump supporters, or even conservatives more generally, but who express hatred for them. In the eyes of the cowardly thugs screaming at a defenseless woman, anyone who does not share their beliefs deserves to be punished and shamed.

We have seen similar behavior in Portland, Oregon where mobs have poured into residential neighborhoods late at night screaming into megaphones and shining lights in windows to wake residents up. If you are not sufficiently woke these people will make sure you literally become so. We have also seen a crowd in Minnesota, including at least one Democratic politician hurling profanity at families with small children.

It is not clear if news of these incidents has made its way down to Joe Biden in his basement bunker but it is abundantly clear that Democrats in general are desperate to pretend these things aren’t happening.