Jordan Boyd writes for the Federalist about leftists’ use of the Supreme Court leak to push one of their bad ideas.

Democrats have long threatened to pack the Supreme Court with additional activist judges that would do the left’s bidding without hesitation. Now that the court appears poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats are ignoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s belief that nine is “a good number,” and calling for adding extra justices.

On the campaign trail, Biden repeatedly refused to state his beliefs about court-packing. While he once called the unprecedented practice a “bonehad idea,” he did create a court-packing commission to evaluate just how useful it would be to his administration to add justices.

That commission later admitted its members “are divided on whether Court expansion would be wise.”

Meanwhile, here are the Democrats who are using the leaked Dobbs opinion to demand that Biden and Congress pack the Supreme Court.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has long advocated for his party to exercise their “constitutional right” to pack the court when the time is right. Now that Roe is on the line, Schumer said it’s time to act.

“Given the conservative court majority is likely to be around for a while, do Democrats need to look more seriously at court expansion?” a reporter asked Schumer earlier this week.

“Look, the bottom line is our first step is to have the vote that we’re going to have next week. And the bottom line is that we’re going to look to these elections in November. And I think it’s going to, the American people are going to speak loudly and clearly that we need some change,” Schumer replied.

In addition to claiming that the Supreme Court is “stolen, illegitimate, and far-right,” Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts said the Dobbs leak confirmed his belief that Democrats must swiftly “expand the court.”