It’s a bit of a bittersweet realization that my generation is poised to aid the Republicans in this year’s mid-term elections, albeit nonchalantly.

Per John McCormick’s Bloomberg article from April, young voter apathy may critically endanger the Democrats’ chances at keeping the Senate this year. The article mentions that less than one-fourth of young adult voters are planning to go to the ballot box this November — this statistic depresses me, as one can but ponder the future relevance of individual responsibility to America when my apathetic generation becomes her leaders. On the bright side, that responsible one-fourth is apparently more populated by Romney’s voters from 2012 than by Obama’s camp.

Indeed, the masses of my peers infatuated by the president’s “Change” without substance and promises without results probably won’t care enough to effectively get out the vote until the same rhetoric becomes a major hash-tag again in 2016.