Jim Hoft writes for the Gateway Pundit about perceptive legal analysis from a liberal expert. He pokes huge holes in the legal theory underlying the nation’s most high-profile criminal indictment.

Esteemed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday to discuss Alvin Brigg’s indictment against President Trump. The Soros-funded New York City DA announced charges against Trump last week two days after bank statements were released showing the Biden Crime Family were being paid by China for selling their influence.

Alan Dershowitz: I think any first-year law student could get this dismissed in front of any objective judge. Start with the misdemeanor. There is no misdemeanor here.

Here you have Democrats running for prosecution offices promising to get Trump, the man who was about to run against the leader of their party, the President of the United States. You better have the strongest case in the world. You better have a videotape of Donald Trump killing somebody on Fifth Avenue rather than paying some money, which thousands of people do every year, to have either false or true charges leveled against them…

…I think that Trump’s lawyers will have additional evidence now to show that Michael Cohen is not the kind of guy who just lied to his lawyers, lied to the federal government, lied to the state government. And then suddenly God has come down and told him to tell the truth. And he’s telling the truth. He’s still lying about me. He’s mad at me because I called him a liar, and he’s mad at Trump. And that’s why he was lying about Trump.

Dershowitz is correct. The case should be tossed out and Alvin Bragg should be disbarred. Americans better wake up to what the Communist-left is doing to this country.