So we have a roving band of youths — not a gang, not a gang — attacking people on UNCC’s campus. Campus police want help identifying people who do not belong on campus. And this account from the Uptown paper of record provides absolutely no description of the youths beyond the curiously specific declaration that they are between the ages of 8-16.

Were the police unable to provide a description of the suspects? Unwilling? Did no one ask? Did someone ask, get an answer, and opt not to print it?

This account gives us more information.

Police said a group of eight to 10 “black males, age ranges 15 and less,” approached the student. One pulled a knife and stole the student’s money.

“Ten to 15 minutes later, the same group of individuals, we believe, assaulted a jogger at the main entrance of campus,” said Capt. Dawn Tevepaugh of the UNCC Police Department.

Police also think the same group is connected to recent campus break-ins. They urge students to stay alert.

Tevepaugh is same officer quoted in the Observer story, thusly:

Capt. Dawn Tevepaugh said eight to 10 boys stopped a student late Monday near the Atkins Library and started hitting him. They chased him to a nearby building, where one suspect pulled a knife and robbed the student.

Police believe the group approached a jogger about 20 minutes later near the main entrance to the campus on N.C. 49. One of the youths struck the jogger but didn’t steal anything.

I swear I don’t know why the easy stuff winds up being hard. Report the frickin’ news.