Moogfest is really cool. I won’t stop saying that.

And so I continue to grieve over its receipt of $180,000 in corporate welfare from local governments. Dufuses like me call it corporate welfare and say government is picking winners and losers.

That’s so silly. Why, today AC Entertainment announced it will put Mountain Oasis on hiatus. Mountain Oasis was a local electronic music festival that didn’t get an extra $180,000 from government.

Whereas our leaders tell us Moogfest is going to put Asheville on the map, and it is a perfect match for our creative and green energy clusters; the Mountain Oasis Team announced:

Unfortunately, the success necessary to sustain the venture has eluded us. And many of the challenges we have faced in producing the festival have increased. It feels more and more like we’re trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Incidentally, AC Entertainment had been co-producing Moogfest through 2012.