And other tales.

At least CMS chief Peter Gorman gets that Detroit is no place emulate. In this interview with Tara Servatius, Gorman says Charlotte is still in better shape:

More people care about education in this community than anywhere I’ve ever been in my life and more people have opinions and those opinions are diverse and divergent. That’s good and bad. The good part is, hey, at least they’re still talking about and thinking about education. We’re not St. Louis. We’re not one of those areas, like Detroit, where people have given up.

Then why are we going the Detroit route of taxing everything that moves and continually growing the size of local government?

Then we have the latest Rhino Times detailing that despite all the who-ha about not enough math teachers at Harding, fully half of the ninth grade failed algebra. At the CMS’ supposed math and science magnet, half of the students failed a building block of math and science.

The most pressing issue would not seem to be better and more math teachers at Harding, the school seems to lack actual math students.