Who says all Downtown Greensboro Inc. does is hang baskets, pick up trash and scrape gum off the sidewalk?

Downtown Greensboro Inc. awarded $10,000 in grants to the Carolina Theatre and Biltmore Greensboro Hotel for improvements to the buildings.

The theater’s grant is for installing a new drainage system, wiring and adding lights on the outside of the building. The lights will shine onto the sidewalk outside the structure and on the four-story facade of the building at 310 S. Greene St.

The project is to be completed in six months.

The hotel at 111 W. Washington St. will use its $5,000 grant to replace windows and carpet and upgrade outside lighting, said Downtown Greensboro President Ed Wolverton.

Note the N&R headline calling DGI ‘downtown boosters.’ The one good thing about the recent dispute between DGI and the City Council is the brighter light on— as John Hammer puts it— the downtown ‘shell corporations.’