James Lileks offers these amusing observations in his latest “Athwart” column in National Review:

The very people who hope 2017 will be better keep telling one [an]other that it can’t be better, because the New Dark Ages are upon us. Because they lost! You might notice that the Right responds like this to a presidential defeat:

“Well, drat. Four years of incremental diminution of liberty and the permanent expansion of the state, with some foreign policy based on a Pollyanna view of human nature and a misguided trust in international institutions.”

The Left’s response to a loss: HERE COMES SUPER-HITLER. …

… Progs will have to remain in a state of fury and fear for the duration of the administration, just to remind themselves that they are better people. They’re the smart ones, the only people who see the horrible future — armies of swaggering young men in brown shirts and red caps, pushing around helpless marginalized people while the soundtrack plays either mindless martial music or mournful ethnic durges, depending on the decision of the documentary editor.