Just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, JLF’s Jordan Roberts joined Dr. Brian Forrest for his show “Access Health” on News Radio 680 WPTF. Roberts and Dr. Forrest discussed direct primary care (DPC). Roberts has before explained DPC:

Direct primary care (DPC) is the Netflix of primary care. In exchange for a small monthly fee, patient members of the DPC clinic have around-the-clock access to the services that their physician offers. There is no health insurance – just the patient paying the doctor a monthly fee in exchange for health care.

On Dr. Forrest’s show, Roberts stated about DPC:

“This delivery model really exemplifies all the principles I like to put forward in public policy and that is free markets, no government intrusion, and really just an emphasis on actual doctor-patient care. So that’s why I think direct primary care is such a great model.”

Roberts continues:

“One of the best things about direct primary care is that employer plans can now contract with a direct primary care provider, like yourself, and really cut out all the middlemen, miss management, and wasted resources that go towards a third-party payer model.”

Listen to the full interview here, and learn more about direct primary care here.