OK, all you scientists out there. Here’s proof!

One in three people in Buncombe County said they are in fair or poor health, up from one in five people in 2005, according to a new survey. . . . the survey shows Buncombe residents are in worse health and in greater need of health care then [sic.] they were five years ago. The survey also found that more people lacked health insurance, and fewer people saw a doctor for their health, mental health or dental needs.

The scientific consensus now seems to opine it is not the tidal waves from global warming but the obesity of people without tax-paid, government-administered healthcare that shall be man’s ruin. The survey inidicated over half the adults in Buncombe County are overweight or obese. We could fix this by getting rid of the anorexic height-weight charts and welcoming porky pigs like Marilyn Monroe back into the human race.