• The conservative Capitol Hill newspaper Human Events interviews GOP U.S. Senate nominee Thom Tillis.

• Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan takes a few swipes at Tillis for the General Assembly’s education spending policies and his call to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. Tillis fires back.

• A new Marist-McClatchy poll finds that President Obama’s flagging approval ratings are serving as an anchor on Democratic candidates, including Hagan.

• A day after The Washington Examiner’s Byron York looks at the two main party contenders in the Hagan-Tillis U.S. Senate race, York considers the role Libertarian Sean Haugh (and other third-party/unaffiliated candidates) could have on close Senate contests in North Carolina and elsewhere.

• The Mayday PAC, a super PAC founded by Harvard professor (and campaign finance critic) Larry Lessig, backs the re-election of Rep. Walter Jones, R-3rd District, who also disagrees with Citizens United and other recent Supreme Court decisions easing limits on campaign donations and spending.