• The New York Times notes that the fate of the Export-Import Bank — a federal agency backed by the business establishment but seen as a source of crony capitalism by many economic populists — has become an unexpected campaign issue in several key Senate races, including North Carolina’s. Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan favors maintaining the bank, while Republican challenger Thom Tillis opposes it.

• Left-leaning Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent finds irony in the recent Crossroads GPS ad attacking Hagan, using liberal arguments opposing her generic endorsement of the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction plan.

• ABC News will follow the Hagan-Tillis race (in which Libertarian Sean Haugh also is on the ballot), with the network calling it one of its “14 for ’14” contests.

• Retired N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake sends an impassioned fundraising appeal for Associate Justice Bob Hunter, a Republican who’s seeking a full term this fall on the high court against Democratic Appeals Court Judge Sam (Jimmy) Ervin IV.