money in politics copy

• Politico reviews Senate races across the country, and concludes that of the 10 “truly competitive” contests, North Carolina’s incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan is the third most likely to lose.

• An analysis from The Charlotte Observer concludes that independent groups have spent more than twice in the Senate race as much as the $11.4 million reported by candidates and campaign-affiliated groups.

• On the heels of a recent poll showing nearly 2:1 opposition among North Carolina voters for a sales tax on out-of-state Internet purchases, United Liberty points out that last year Hagan voted for the tax.

• The challenge in federal court to North Carolina’s 2013 election reforms (including a voter ID requirement in 2016) will be heard today in Winston-Salem.

• Our thoughts are with state Rep. Jim Fulghum, R-Wake, who has withdrawn from his campaign for state Senate to undergo cancer treatment. Fulghum is a retired neurosurgeon serving his first term in the state House.