• See correction below.

• The abortion-rights group EMILY’S List makes a “high six figures” ad buy on behalf of Kay Hagan, featuring a pregnant teacher attacking the Thom Tillis-led General Assembly’s record on education spending.

CORRECTION: New York Times’ blogger Nate Cohn takes a “spin” using a statistical sampling program and arrives at a scenario showing Republicans gaining nine Senate seats, winning a 54-46 advantage … with Kay Hagan keeping her place in the upper chamber. Republicans would win Michigan, Colorado, and Iowa, but not the Tar Heel State. Cohn notes that this is highly unlikely, which should have been noted in the initial version of this dispatch.

• From the “be careful what you ask for” file: Roll Call reports that 2nd Congressional District Democratic nominee has posted on a progressive listserv with job openings. The “American Idol” runner-up is seeking someone with campaign experience to develop a field plan and hire a field staff. Are there no experienced Democrats in North Carolina seeking work?

• The GOP-led General Assembly may attempt to take the coal-ash controversy off the list of campaign talking points with this legislation, set to be taken up today.