• Former Raleigh mayor and state Transportation Secretary Tom Bradshaw, a Democrat, conceded the Senate District 15 race to Republican businessman Johnny Mac Alexander. Following a recount, Alexander had a lead of roughly 700 votes. Republicans will pick up a net of one seat in the 2015 General Assembly and have a 34-16 majority.

• Attorney and election watcher Dan McLaughlin surveys all the polls in every Senate race nationally, looking at the “tragedy of the commons” afflicting polling organizations that try not to release polls that deviate from the pack.

• The Department of Environment and Natural Resources has asked relatives of outgoing Sen. Kay Hagan about potential conflicts-of-interest regarding a stimulus grant received by a company co-owned by Hagan’s husband Chip.

• The Charlotte Observer profiles freshman Rep. Alma Adams, D-12th District, who promises to be no shrinking violet on Capitol Hill.