war-on-women• You just knew that some media outlet would do anything to find a way to make the first Kay Hagan-Thom Tillis debate all about the “war on women.” Helping to keep that false narrative alive, WRAL’s Laura Leslie quoted from numerous liberal Twitter followers who professed to be appalled that Tillis referred to Hagan as “Kay” several times. What Leslie fails to mention in her story is that Hagan and Tillis were colleagues in the N.C. General Assembly for several years, which makes the first-name basis very understandable, and not a show of disrespect.

• More Hagan-Tillis debate fallout: CBS notes how determined Sen. Kay Hagan was to distance herself from anything Obama-related during her debate with Thom Tillis: “Facing a tough reelection fight in November, Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., distanced herself from President Obama in her first debate against her Republican challenger on Wednesday, criticizing the president’s policies on Syria, immigration, and the environment…”

• And the debate fallout continues, with Noah Rothman of HotAir.com contending that Democratic National Committee Chair and Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kay Hagan have jeopardized the effectiveness of the “war on women” meme for Democrats.

• Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre might be retiring, but that didn’t stop him from bringing a last several million dollars in taxpayer-funded pork to his district. NCPoliticalNews.com reports that McIntyre presented two checks totaling $17.8 million in federal funds “which will be used to provide clean water to businesses, homes, and over a thousand individuals.”