• It’s a big week for ads in the Senate campaign featuring incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis. Some highlights:

— The ad from Carolina Rising, a conservative group led by grass-roots activist Dallas Woodhouse, praises Tillis’ role in pushing for a mandate requiring insurance companies provide autism coverage. The House passed the measure but the Senate did not, so the mandate was not enacted. Carolina Journal reported on the debate here.

— Meantime, the Democratic group American Bridge (led by Dallas Woodhouse’s brother Brad) releases an animated ad treating Tillis as a performer in a show for the Koch brothers.

— Finally, Generation Opportunity, a free-market youth organization funded by the Kochs, is running an ad targeting Hagan for her vote on a measure allowing states to tax purchases made online from out-of-state merchants.


• After last week’s visit by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in support of Tillis’ Senate campaign, two other potential GOP presidential candidates are on board. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz co-hosted a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., Monday for Tillis. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appeared Wednesday with the state House speaker in Greensboro.

• Libertarian Senate candidate Sean Haugh again has made news for his social media antics, this time claiming that policy prescriptions backed by Republicans involve “killing lots of darker-skinned people.” His earlier work on Facebook also has attracted unflattering attention.

• It may not be a surprise, but the Planned Parenthood PAC has endorsed 6th Congressional District Democratic nominee Laura Fjeld in her contest against Republican Mark Walker.