Maybe it was the abundant clean water, the freak culture, the history of moonshining. Maybe this place just drives people to drink. Regardless, a lot of people thought it would be really profitable to set up a microbrewery in these-har mountains. After a few Beer City honors, government asked, “Where are they going for I am their leader?” They saw the beer sector was thriving. It was like looking in a fish tank and seeing how happily and healthily the little guppies were swimming and only imagining the big joy a big fish, like a shark, could have in there. So, they decided to recruit big multinational brewers here in the name of creating jobs. They promised roads and tax breaks, and took executives on special trips. Only a few microbreweries have since gone out of business, but politicians do not get re-elected by paying attention to negative numbers. So now, with New Belgium and Sierra Nevada ramping up operations, it appears the state and Henderson County would like to use more taxpayer contributions to give Stone Brewing Company a leg up in crowding out the entrepreneurial tax base.