There is the impression that this year the General Assembly outlawed involuntary annexation. That is not quite the case. The ban is on municipalities, not the state legislature. As proof, a bill to merge Lake Junaluska into the Town of Waynesville is still sitting in the legislature. It is likely dead for this session, but it is expected to be resurrected in the coming years. Representative Michele Presnell asks why government can’t smack itself in the head, say, “I should have had a V-8,” and have a referendum to find out what the people want. A survey was sent out by proponents, and, of course, opponents think its methods were a little weird. The argument in favor runs like this:

A merger with Waynesville is viewed as a rescue package of sorts for the 765-home residential community with century-old roots as a summer Methodist retreat. Lake Junaluska is burdened by crumbling infrastructure and is over-extended in the level of services it provides.