Heather Wilhelm thinks so. She explains why at National Review Online.

Dear Democrats: You might not like what you’re about to hear, but here goes. You might need to get over the Clintons.

I know, I know. Breakups are hard. Many of you were hung up on this lady — this mysteriously humorless, occasionally cackling robotic lady with through-the-roof unfavorable ratings and a decidedly unimpressive left-wing policy record — whom you thought would somehow be a shoo-in for the presidency.

She was a woman, as you relentlessly reminded us all, and the job was clearly her due. You thought she would waltz right into the White House, leaving Donald Trump in a pile of sawdust and casinos and confusion and shiny escalators. You were so certain, so cocky, so breezy. You were an heiress driving too fast, laughing giddily for show, yet failing to have any fun. You thought you didn’t even need to visit places like Wisconsin!

Well, we all know what happened next. If I said it once during the campaign, I’ll say it again: If you want to understand why Donald Trump is in the White House, you only need to glance at Hillary Clinton. She was a grim and mediocre candidate. She inspired few. She terrified many. And yet, in certain circles, this reckoning has failed to sink in. Meanwhile, the Clinton hagiography continues.