From Education NC:

In the wake of Governor Roy Cooper’s announcement last week of a statewide supply drive for schools, the issue of classroom resources moved front and center.

During his announcement, Cooper criticized Republican lawmakers for not including in their budget his proposal of a $150 stipend for teachers to purchase school supplies.

Both that proposal and the supply drive are meant to fix a problem Cooper said he hears complaints about from teachers around the state: inadequate classroom resources.

JLF’s Terry Stoops weighs in on the teacher supply debate.

“Who determines what’s sufficient?” Stoops asked. “And who determines whether the supplies are being used in a productive manner?”

He said teachers use a tremendous amount of copy paper, for example, and that he wonders whether schools could find alternatives that would alleviate the need to purchase more paper or ask parents to provide it.

He also said the advent of technology should have lessened the demand for certain types of school supplies.

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