Mayor Anthony Foxx actually repeated — in public and without apparent humor — a suggestion from local hospitality wheeler-dealer Mohammad Jenatian that Charlotte use its vacant hotel rooms to house the homeless.

Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard it all….

If that does not make Charlotte a destination location, what will? Come visit the France Family Hall, see the Disco Chicken, ride the U.S. National Log Flume Ride — and pay a $75 to $200 a night (plus the highest hotel-motel tax on the East Coast) for room that a smelly homeless dude next door gets for free. C’mon.

Clearly what Jenatian was doing here was trying to get in good with the new mayor by tossing up something, no matter how nutty, to show that he is on the same side as Foxx on one of Foxx’s pet issues. Our new mayor needs to be a little bit more savvy when this sort of thing happens and stop and think for a second. He is going to hear all kinds of crazy ideas from folks looking to get in good with him.

Most times he should smile and nod politely.