Editors at the Washington Examiner ponder the Democratic Party’s negative response to Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Democrats aren’t just opposing the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court. They’re having a tantrum over it.

On Thursday, as the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance Barrett’s nomination, Democrats boycotted.

“Throughout the hearings last week, committee Democrats demonstrated the damage a Justice Barrett would do — to healthcare, reproductive freedoms, the ability to vote, and other core rights that Americans cherish,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Judiciary Committee Democrats said in announcing their boycott. “We will not grant this process any further legitimacy by participating in a committee markup of this nomination just 12 days before the culmination of an election that is already underway.”

Instead of showing up, they planted behind their microphones large-sized photos of children who they claimed would be in danger were the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare next month. This was part of their strategy to turn the hearings into a messaging event about the issue of preexisting conditions.

It was a pathetic display. Democrats can raise procedural or ideological arguments against Barrett all they want, but the reality is that they have not been able to make a dent in her qualifications or her integrity.

For three days, Barrett sat and listened to senators and put her cutting intellect and deep knowledge of the law on full display. She was calm, friendly, and unflappable. She made clear her belief in judging based on the meaning of the Constitution and the law, not based on what she may hope it would be. And she easily swatted away Democratic attempts to try and get her to pre-commit to positions on cases that could come before the court.