JLF’s Sarah Curry analyzes Forsyth County Rep. Ed Hanes’ bill to keep the 2008 tax values in place until 2016:

Legislators need to quit doing the dirty work for the local politicians. The city of Winston-Salem knew this recession affected housing prices, and they knew they were scheduled to revalue property in 2012/2013. This was not a surprise and could have been anticipated, instead the city continued to spend at pre-recession levels and created an $8 million shortfall that is unfortunately going to be filled with tax increases instead of cutting unnecessary spending.

Good to see some —some mind you— Forsyth commissioners speaking out in opposition to the bill. The irony of course is lower income homeowners in East Winston-Salem are upset that the tax value of their homes have plunged since the 2008 revaluation. So I don’t see how this bill supposedly helps them should the economy recover –and home prices with it.

I realize that’s a big ‘if’; for the sake of the country I hope the economy does recover. But forgive if I’m skeptical given the current leadership, or rather lack thereof.