The UPoR reports on fundraising to date in the race for Charlotte mayor and city council. Republican mayoral candidate leads the way so far, having collected $126,874 to date, followed closely by Democrat Patrick Cannon at $120,650.

Cannon’s strongest opponent in the Democratic primary is expected to be James Mitchell, who has raised $34,456 to date and has less than $10,000 cash in hand. (By comparison, Cannon has nearly $110,000 in the bank.) I’m still fascinated by Mitchell’s decision to run for mayor. Mitchell’s at a natural disadvantage to Cannon, who serves on council at large, and has a lot less money on top of that. So why exactly does Mitchell think he can win? Is he counting on voters thinking highly of him based upon the job he did leading the negotiations with the Panthers on a new stadium deal?

In the city council at large race, incumbent Beth Pickering is only seventh so far in contributions ($3,123), behind even Republicans Ken Harris ($10,116) and Mark Frietch ($4,410). That’s just hard to do.