Darn it, I must have missed Susan Ladd’s N&R column comparing Donald Trump to Jesse Helms (emphasis mine):

Trump, like Helms, whips up the electorate by playing on the fear among white Americans of losing their hold on privilege and power and on the hatred of “others” who expect those same rights and privileges.

In Helm’s day, it was African Americans. In Trump’s, it is Latino immigrants.

It’s no coincidence that Trump has the largest share of voters who are white Republicans with no college education. Those same people made up a large share of Helms’ supporters.

Ok I get it—people who supported Helms and support Trump do so because they’re and too damn stupid and uneducated to know otherwise. Funny, sometimes I feel the same way about Obama supporters.

In today’s N&R, Greensboro resident Leonidas C. Holt responds:

I rarely read Susan Ladd’s left-wing drivel, as her facts are usually wrong. Her Aug. 9 column comparing Donald Trump with Jesse Helms is another example of how ignorant she is of the facts.

Trump is an arrogant bully who has taken advantage of the system to enrich himself. His only moral compass is himself. Helms served in the Senate with honor and distinction. He did not enrich himself or his family. Once while on a tour of the Capitol, I got a newsletter for Capitol staffs. It contained a survey of who they would most like to work for. Jesse was their first choice for two years in a row.

Jesse was a gracious gentleman to all he met. We would be fortunate to have more like him.
So Susan, you can compare Jesse and Trump, but get it right. They are exact opposites.

All I know is Trump’s lead is growing in North Carolina, according to Public Policy Polling.