Fascinating piece by our Jon Guze, director of legal studies, who analyzes a lawsuit filed by a former Google employee who was fired.

Take, for example, the collection of posts from Google’s in-house message boards attached to the complaint as Exhibit B. Here are a few examples (out of hundreds along the same lines):

 “[L]egitimate world views” “Conservative Christian” … pairing those two phrases still sounds like an oxymoron to me.

 I personally believe that a majority of self-identified “Republicans” can be placed in the bucket of idiots.

 When the Republican Party talks about “freedom of speech” these days, what they mean is “freedom to dehumanize.” … I could have said “Republican,” “conservative,” “alt-right,” “neo-Nazi,” doesn’t matter. They’re all working together for the same goal.

We are beyond the point of opening dialogue to win hearts and minds we are at the point where the only way to change peoples (sic) minds is to make being a f**king nazi (sic) have consequences.

I’m in the mood to punch some Nazis.

I am 100% pro punching Nazis & sick of hearing it debated.

If you want to increase diversity at Google fire all bigoted white men.

Read Jon’s full analysis of the lawsuit here.