I wish to rant every time I see this. Free meals are being provided to Buncombe County’s food insecure, as well as anybody else who can snag one. The objective is not feeding the poor so much as it is getting our poverty numbers up. The article in the local daily highlights that 55.6 percent of Buncombe County school children receive free or reduced school lunches. Those children, then, are kicked under the bus for summer, not knowing whence their next meal comes.

Now, we all know that the economy is booming hand over fist, jobs are oozing out peoples’ ears, and we are just drowning in buckets of gold provided from all the induced economic multipliers from corporate welfare.

The problem is parents. They’re stupid. They might not know, for instance, that a child is allergic to peanuts, but Michelle Obama does. I worry about the 44.4% of kids left to the mercy of their parents for food. Those are the punks that try to get good grades so they can earn their way to college, the kind of riffraff that will try to get a job when they get out of college, the bane of the earth known as “taxpayers.” How can we become a nation of tax consumers as long as we have all these taxpayers cluttering the land?!

I’m so bent out of shape over this, I am having fantasies of going back to teaching in a disciplinary reign of terror. I would hold a peanut in one hand . . . Oh, I don’t know, maybe Twinkies with all those carbs would be more lethal until the next round of studies.

Now, so we speaka the same language, if you are not faint of heart, cliquez ici to see what I think of when I hear of food-insecure children. If we’re so global and all, how can we whine about how we need to give more and more free food to our fashion-plate, gadget-geared, obesity-crisis ridden communities when this is happening on the same planet?