In response to criticisms that studies showing the need for more downtown parking are not up to date, the City of Greensboro commissioned a new study— by the engineering firm the city hired to design a $30 million deck on south Davie Street:

The city released Kimley-Horn’s analysis last week, in part to quiet critics of the south Davie deck and a second $30 million deck the city is planning to build on Bellemeade Street.

Those critics complained that City Council members had relied on outdated information — a parking study created in 2010 — when they voted to spend $60 million for 1,900 spaces.

Kimley-Horn has an “on-call service contract” with the city for a variety of civil engineering and planning services, including those related to parking, the analysis says.

I’m going to be fair here— the report(PDF) lists all the projected downtown development. When you see it on one piece of paper, you think that yes they will require quite a bit of parking—if the development pan out as promised.

But honestly—what do we think Kimley-Horn is going to say with a $30 million project on the line? That downtown Greensboro doesn’t need more parking?

Yet another ham-handed effort on the part of our city leaders that only sows more distrust.