Carolina Journal’s Sara Burrows reports on the Raleigh City Council’s decision to allow food trucks, but with all sorts of conditions. Because of that, Burrows reports, most of downtown Raleigh won’t see a food truck. Here’s an excerpt from her story.

Before the vote, a member of city staff explained the practical effects of the ordinance to members of city council:

“For all intents and purposes, it would be extremely difficult to locate a food truck on Fayetteville Street or on Glenwood South,” the staffer said. “There a couple of side streets that might be available, dependent that the zoning is correct, the property owner provides permission, the food truck permits are issued and there is ample parking. So there are a number of different streams one must pass in order to receive a food truck permit. But by and large, the Glenwood South area and Fayetteville Street from Capital [Boulevard] down south would be largely tied up.”