This morning, Mary Watson, Director of DPI’s Exceptional Children Division, took a time-out from ruining education in North Carolina to send the following email to the charter school email distribution list:

** High Priority **

Please send to all LEA EC Directors and Staff.

The conference report for the SCHIP bill does contain moratorium language for the proposed Medicaid rule that would eliminate reimbursements for transportation and administrative claiming (yesterday we were bemoaning the fact that the language didn’t appear to get into the bill, but now we have seen the language). Now comes the hard work.

We need you to contact your Members of Congress (House first, then the Senate) IMMEDIATELY as the votes are this week and urge them to support the SCHIP legislation. In particular, we need to focus on Republicans who might be unlikely to vote to overturn the President’s threatened veto (the Senate appears to have 60 votes).

SCHIP has strong bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. For those of you who gathered information about the projected impact on your LEA, now is the time to share that info with your Members of Congress.

We are continuing to strategize with our colleagues in DC — a letter signed by more than 30 organizations was sent to both the House and Senate on Friday urging support for the bill.

For more information on the folly of SCHIP, read this, this, and this.