I missed this part of the story. The “groups” that turned 182 identities in to the Buncombe County Board of Elections to be challenged, for possibly voting twice in the same election, argue the board missed the point. Fifty-five of the names were tossed out during a preliminary hearing because somebody had voted using those identities in a recent election. Grouper group groupies argued the whole point of the exercise was to silence the votes of people who don’t exist. They could care less about the people who neither exist nor vote.

Secondly, the grouper group groupies were widely attacked for being racist. 35 of the 182 challengees were identified as black and 127 were white. Tell my kindergarten teacher I can count colors. But we shall return to the story as I gloat over my newfound talent. Pot-stirrers had evidently gotten “black people” bent out of shape enough to complain not that the grouper group groupies were helping more white than black victims, but that they were not giving a pass to anybody who wanted to steal a black identity.