Whoever thinks Asheville is ped-friendly needs to share their secrets. I’ve whined before about knee-deep weeds and narrow shoulders, and greenways that are closed for dusk and dark commutes. But we simply must revisit connectivity between West Asheville and downtown. Before when I tried to cross the ped bridge that spans the French Broad River, it was locked. I whined, and was told it was only my imagination. So, I finally got the gumption to try it again, only to see a sign instructing me to swipe my card for access. Well, I do not live in public housing, so I do not have a card. I did not want to hassle a resident to let me through, as that would defeat the purpose. So, I took the detour around all the interstate fences and island-hopped through the interchange. It only added about 40 minutes to my commute, giving anti-obesity freaks cause to rejoice.