Add this one to the list of things we told you would happen.

A press conference is coming up at 2pm where we’ll learn more about the lawsuit, but WCNC is reporting that two of the alleged victims of sexual assault by former CMPD officer Marcus Jackson will sue the city of Charlotte. Details:

Legal experts say the case could end up costing the city a bundle.

“If I were a plaintiff’s lawyer I would not only want to sue the department, I’d want to sue the city for failing to do their due diligence,” said defense attorney George Laughrum.

Yep. This one is on Curt Walton, Mac McCarley, and — ultimately — city council. You could see a mess like this coming from a mile away once CMPD chief Rodney Monroe started making wholesale — and critics inside CMPD said reckless — changes to how the police academy functioned and departmental discipline was enforced.

But who will pay? Charlotte’s taxpayers. As ever.

Bonus Observation: How about Walton and McCarley cough up their bonuses for 2009 and 2010 to help cover the inevitable settlement the city will pay?