Interesting that just days after our paper of record gives Downtown Greensboro Inc. president Ed Wolverton a big spread in Sunday’s Ideas section, the City Council is looking to dump him:

“We don’t seem to be getting new ideas,” said Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan, who made a motion at the end of Tuesday’s council meeting to have the city manager research the city’s options. “It seems like we’re seeing the same thing year after year.”

Vaughan’s motion passed unanimously. City leaders have been discussing this issue with DGI leaders since November, she said. DGI will have a chance to win back the city’s confidence, but Mayor Robbie Perkins said “everything’s on the table.”

“Our downtown looks and feels stale,” he said.

We know Perkins’ concept of a fresh idea — taxpayer-funded downtown performing arts center —an idea that’s about as fresh as day-old bread. For what it’s worth, here are a few of Wolverton’s ideas for revitalizing Wichita’s downtown when he was head of downtown development there. Recognize any of them?