“Durham schools call on state to restore education money” is the titled of a News & Observer article that details one part of Durham Public Schools’ (DPS) 24-point legislative agenda.

Like all North Carolina school districts, the DPS Board of Education would like the General Assembly to eliminate the so-called discretionary reduction, a predetermined amount of money that school districts must return to the state.  I do not recall if DPS objected to the discretionary reduction when the Democrats introduced it a few years ago.  If they did, their complaint did not get the attention of the News & Observer.  Funny how that works.

Anyway, the highlight of the DPS legislative agenda is not their objection to the discretionary reduction.  Rather, it is an amusing, left-wing wish list that includes,

– “Reinstate the temporary sales tax (3/4 cents) that expired on June 30, 2011 and use the funds generated to support public education.” I guess they think that low-income families are not doing their part to fund public education.

– “Repeal legislation providing tuition tax credits for private and parochial schools and oppose future voucher legislation,” i.e., we want the M-O-N-E-Y!

– a “countywide cap” on charter school enrollment (see above)

another Blue Ribbon Commission to “study” charter schools…so long as they conclude that charter schools are evil

– changes to the charter school law that would, if implemented, essentially make them traditional public schools

– “Restore NCAE’s ability to collect voluntary dues through payroll deduction” (not that the school board favors any one education advocacy group or anything)

– “Oppose any [federal] tuition or credit voucher programs and further expansion of charter schools,” i.e., vote for Obama

So, rock on, DPS Board of Education!  You made Trinity Park proud.