Surely by now you’ve heard about the Supreme Court’s deadlocked vote effectively blocking President Obama’s plan to shield as many as five million undocumented immigrants from deportation and allowed them to legally work in the United States.

The N&R sent intrepid reporter Joe Gamm —-who took some some heat in this letter to the editor for his alleged biases reporting of last week’s Donald Trump rally—out to cover a news conference held by illegal immigrants reacting to the court’s ruling.

I guess when you’re a reporter and you’re trying to make deadline sometimes you don’t know what you’re writing. But this may be the strangest thing I’ve ever read in my hometown paper of record—and that’s saying something:

Organizers of Thursday’s event in the governmental plaza in downtown Greensboro anticipated the decision to come early next week, according to Addy Jeffrey, a board member of the Latino Community Coalition of Guilford County.

They didn’t want people to forget their fear and anger over the weekend, so they moved the press conference up after the high court ruled.

But hey–maybe that’s what makes America great—the weekend comes along and we forget our fear and anger until the new week brings the next tragedy.